Monday, January 18, 2010

The Main Line

On Monday, January 11, I finally had the chance to work on what I call my Main Line Photo Project to capture images of historic architecture. I wasn't able to photograph everything I had wanted to, and also found a few more impressive places along the way.

Some places I managed to take photos of included this old structure below, which has a sign on the side of it that reads: "Historical Inn and Tavern." The sign also had contact info on it, but I thought I should block that out before posting.

The historical inn and tavern unfortunately didn't have the actual name anywhere on it, but I wish it did just for the purpose of finding out any history about it. It is definitely the most intriguing place I came across along the Main Line.

Another old place is this lonely, forgotten looking one below.

There wasn't anything indicating a name or any historic significance. Maybe in this case, it is just simply an old style of architecture instead of having a great deal of history. Although, given the history along the Main Line and its role in American history going back to the Revolutionary War, you never know. There may just be some interesting undiscovered stories in there.

Although I didn't concentrate on the entire building in the photo below, I liked its detail of stone work surrounding stained glass. This building neighbors an Entenmann's outlet store, which has the old-time lighting detail (below), and is just across from The Ship Inn.

So, this is what I have for the moment. I'll be taking more photos of historic architecture along the Main Line in the near future. Maybe along the way, I'll also have dinner at The Ship Inn to compliment photographing historic architecture in the area. The restaurant itself is historic as well.