Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Years Fireworks Footage

While ringing in 2011, I was taking a lot of photos and video of the fireworks display at Harrah's Casino in Delaware County.

Below is one of many photos I took of the fireworks, as I went between photo and video mode on my camera.

I usually upload many photos of various events and trips onto my Facebook page. However, this time I am going to do something different. I'm going to put my fireworks footage together into one slideshow and upload it onto my Youtube Channel.

First, I have to write down the order of the photos and videos file names I'm going to use. It'll make it easier to skip over the ones I don't want to include in the slideshow. After that, I'll be able to insert my photo and video picks into a movie maker software.

I feel inspired to learn as much as I can about video, both production and editing. Last Spring, I took a video production class and learned a lot. There are other levels of video classes that I also plan to take. As I learn new things, I want to create projects outside of classes and add the title of "videographer" to my resume. I'd like to take that to the level of creating documentaries someday.