Sunday, February 28, 2010

Winter's Wrath

The winter weather was one reason for the lack in photo outings in recent days...two heavy blasts of snowfall in a row. And I remember thinking, after this past December's snowfall, "I hope that's the most we get this Winter season." So, I'm obviously not big on snow. It makes for pretty scenery in certain settings, but other than that, I'm just not a Winter weather person. I guess that's because I want to get out there, get around easily and comfortably, and go on road trips.

I did manage to take a great number of photos to document the snowfall...sometimes photos were taken looking out the front window or from just inside the back room. Then I took more photos once a path was cleared in the yard, and still more once I could go places. Not roadtrips, but just in getting rides to campus and back, since my car wasn't able to get back on the road again until Feb. 21st. Anyway, a bunch of my blizzard photos are in a slideshow on my Youtube are a few of them.

These next two were taken on was just to compare the snow pile heights to the vehicles, and the other, huge icicles at the old mansion.

I think the icicles on the mansion looked pretty in a way...almost like an enchanted Wintry scene in a movie.

Well, with all the Winter weather, I'm ready for Summer and taking photos of things that express that time of year. Watching the Olympics this year as made me think of sports photography. What I'd really like to do is go the one of the NJ shore points and take photos of people surfing. I don't have any sports photography, but I think surfing would be a nice start to that.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Around Norristown

Due to recent weather and other various reasons, it has been a while since I've been on an outing for photography. Most recently was on Feb. 1st, when I was scheduled for day one of a tutoring project with classmates from my social justice class. The tutoring would be at a K-12 school within the Norristown area, and having arrived in the area an hour or so early, I decided to take some photos. This includes the one above, which I took because I thought the stones and wrought iron detail of the window looked interesting together.

The first set of photos below were taken within the downtown part of Norristown. That steeple has to be one of the tallest I've seen in areas outside of Philadelphia.

I'm not sure what this castle-like structure is, so I'll have to find out. It's very impressive, though...and reminded me of photos I've seen of Eastern State Penitentiary.

The following photos were taken outside of the tightly-packed downtown Norristown area and into the parts on the opposite side of route 202, where many Victorian houses could be found.

Still further out from the downtown part of Norristown, I came across this old abandoned building. It had a number of "No Trespassing" signs hanging on it, so I took the photo below from a little parking lot across the road.

There is a farm off in the distance behind this house and its large barn...maybe originally part of the farm property long ago. Whatever the case, this is another building I'd love to learn more about. Some people actually go and explore the inside of old, abandoned buildings since, in some cases, people can get permission from whoever the owner is. It would be interesting to know what they find, and see what photos they take, in their ventures.